MRG’s Strategy 2013-2016

MRG works to secure the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples around the world.

Our approach is to support the voices of minority and indigenous communities on the ground and to strengthen international systems for minority protection in order to bring about positive changes in laws, policies and practice.

Our strategy for 2013-2016 has been developed through a consultation process with many minority and indigenous organizations, as well as decision-makers and experts.

We have reviewed our priorities to meet the challenges of today’s world and agreed on three overall objectives for this period:

1. Countering discrimination against minorities and indigenous peoples and ensuring they benefit equitably from development

2. Protecting the existence of communities under threat and those persecuted for their minority or indigenous identity

3. Strengthening the voices of minorities and indigenous peoples.

Download MRG’s Strategy 2013-2016 document.

Download MRG’s annual reports and accounts below:

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