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Europe: Minorities, Migration and the Media

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Location: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia

Duration: October 2017 – October 2020

What is the programme about?

This project seeks to raise public awareness in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia of poverty, migration and exclusion of minority communities. Through various education opportunities, training schemes, graduate internships, stipends and awards, the programme aims to strengthen the capacity of journalists and journalism students to report sensitively on those issues, counter the dominant anti-migrant media campaign and promote positive attitudes towards migrants and refugees across the general public.

Why are we delivering this programme?

The recent and unforeseen flows of migrants and refugees into Europe are triggering increased intolerance towards those arriving on European shores. Migrants and refugees are often negatively portrayed in the media of the targeted countries; this misrepresentation leads to discrimination and negative attitudes among the general public towards migrants and refugees.

The media plays a central role in constructing discourses and communicating information to citizens. Public opinions about migrants and refugees are highly dependent on the ways they are referred to in the news. Hostile rhetoric by politicians and media outlets, that are often exposed to government interference, has stretched the anti-migrant rhetoric far, however failing to provide accurate and reliable information. There is a need to provide both visual and textual reporting that is based on both the in-depth investigation and sensitive presentation to the readers. The programme will, therefore, aim to improve reporting on development and migration in the media, raise editorial standards and provide more training opportunities to journalists in the four target countries.

What are we doing?

  • 8-week online course on development, minorities and migration for 200 journalists and journalism students
  • 1-month internships for journalism students graduates of online training at national media outlets
  • 7-day face-to-face training and site visits for 80 journalists and journalism students to urgent frontline EU arrival points and Africa
  • Offering stipends to most active online trainees for investigative reporting projects
  • National high-profile roundtables on development journalism for senior media professionals
  • Annual editorial awards for outstanding development journalism
  • International high-profile media gatherings on development journalism for senior media professionals
  • Providing media information resources on development, minorities and migration (3 global reports on minorities and migration and 1 best practice report on minority-sensitive development journalism)
  • Providing documentary films and online materials (visual materials focussing on issues concerning development, minorities & migration) for use by television channels and online media in the four EU target countries

Find out more

‘No escape from discrimination: minorities, indigenous peoples and the crisis of displacement’ report

Who are we working with?

Human Rights League – Slovakia

Gender Project for Bulgaria – Bulgaria

Cracow University of Economics – Poland


This project is funded by the European Union. This content is the sole responsibility of Minority Rights Group International and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.



This project is also funded by the Visegrad Fund. 




Ph: European Parliament

Yazidi woman making a plea for support during a meeting with Parliament President Martin Schulz

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