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Paile ChabanePaile Chabane, MRG’s International Human Rights Officer for Africa, travels to Pretoria for a landmark conference on minorities in Africa

It’s so exciting to be back not only in Africa, but ‘home’… even though I am still only in South Africa, coming from Lesotho (which one participant at the seminar referred to as the “yolk” of South Africa – if South Africa was an egg that is) this is as good as home. It’s certainly brilliant to arrive to the warmth of the last days of summer, coming from a cold and wet London.

And so as I sit at a café table soaking up this glorious sunshine in the company of my MRG colleague Marusca Perazzi and my sister who had come to Pretoria to meet us, we check out the menu (our eyes remaining glued to the meat section) and the fatigue of the long trip here is all but forgotten. The anxiety, apprehension and anticipation of the real reason why we are here have been momentarily shelved until tomorrow – day one of the seminar.

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