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MRG has just launched our new four-year strategy to counter persecution and foster inclusion, making this an ideal time to look back over our successes in protecting minority and indigenous rights over the last four years.

The period 2013 to 2016 was one of huge changes and challenges for the international community and for minorities. These have included a major diplomatic row over Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea, the largest movement of people into and across Europe since the aftermath of the Second World War, the rise of ISIS and its surprise takeover of a large swathe of Iraqi territory, and extreme humanitarian crises linked to conflicts in Libya, Syria and Yemen. In many regions, the period also saw deepening divisions between communities and between states based on differences of religion and sect.

MRG has worked hard to react to and keep pace with these events. We are pleased to report that despite the overall rapidly shifting, negative and challenging context, we have been able to attain the goals that we set ourselves. Here’s an infographic highlighting some of our top successes!

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Read some case studies highlighting our successes from 2013-2016:

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