Countering persecution,
promoting inclusion

Religious and ethnic persecution, forced migration, persistent inequality and environmental degradation are among the greatest challenges facing the world today. They are driven by a growing tide of hate speech and intolerance that is dividing societies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East – as well as in Europe and the Americas.

For many minorities and indigenous communities, the situation is critical. They face hate crimes, routinely high levels of discrimination, and even mass killing.  For others, long-term exclusion is trapping communities in poverty and threatening ways of life that have been sustained for generations – until now.

Our work over the next four years will be focused on the twin objectives of countering persecution and promoting inclusion. To the growth of hatred and intolerance we offer a vision based on defending rights and bringing communities together.

We believe that this vision will benefit not just minority and indigenous communities themselves but ultimately society as a whole.  Equality, respect and inclusion are key to delivering a more sustainable and peaceful future for all.

Our strategy 2017 - 2020
Our strategy 2017 - 2020


Countering religious and ethnic persecution, a root cause of forced migration

Key programme places:

The Middle East and North Africa, South and South-East Asia, and refugee-receiving countries »
To achieve this objective by 2020, our work will include:

Activists on the ground supported to monitor persecution and defend community rights.

Expert submissions filed to the UN and other international bodies on cases of religious and ethnic persecution.

Decisions or resolutions secured by national governments or international bodies to provide greater protection for religious and ethnic minorities.

Publish comprehensive information on the situation of minorities and indigenous peoples and ensure evidence on persecution reaches a global audience.

Improve official consideration of minority persecution criteria in asylum decision-making process.


Promoting inclusion of minorities and indigenous peoples in sustainable development and society

Key programme places:

Africa, Europe and Latin America »
To achieve this objective by 2020, our work will include:

Train 1,200 civil society organization staff on rights and techniques for inclusion.

Support 15 instances of rights claims made to national or international legal or political mechanisms seeking to address violations and discrimination.

Brief 180 officials and authorities on the needs of excluded minority and indigenous communities

Secure legal recognition of indigenous land rights in Africa.

Implement 5 new mechanisms or programmes to ensure public participation of minority communities.

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