H O M E     A B O U T   T H E   C A M P A I G N      O U R  S T R A T E G Y      G E T  I N V O L V E D

About the Campaign

Who we are

MRG is the leading organization working for the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide.

We have decades of experience securing rights and combating discrimination, and our work is more relevant than ever today.

Our approach

Our approach is to support the voices of minority and indigenous communities on the ground, working with them to gather evidence of persecution, discrimination and exclusion, building international support, and supporting them in bringing their cases to officials and decision-makers.

Together we aim to make a difference to some of the most threatened and disadvantaged communities in the world.

What we are doing

Religious and ethnic persecution is rising across the world and forcing an unprecedented number of people to flee their homes. Meanwhile, official statistics in the US, Britain and in other countries across Europe show a dramatic increase last year in hate crimes against minorities.

At Minority Rights Group International, we believe that the root causes of persecution are being ignored and that governments need to take action. We say that many migrants are pushed out of their homes by hatred and discrimination and deserve our respect. Instead of campaigning on platforms of hatred, political leaders need to defend fundamental rights and respect diversity.


“Us and Them” is not the solution

We believe that walls are not the solution. “Us and Them” is not the solution. Those who stereotype by faith, who demonise whole communities and foster division, need to be challenged.

At Minority Rights Group International we are working to ensure policies are built on facts, not stereotypes. We are focusing attention on the root causes of religious and ethnic persecution in the Middle East and in South and South-East Asia. We are promoting inclusive development and countering discrimination in Africa and Latin America. And we are challenging hate speech and intolerance in Europe, North America and beyond.


There are four hard years of work ahead

Minority Rights Group International is building links between people across barriers, borders and cultures. We believe in mutual respect between religions. But that can only happen when minority and indigenous voices are empowered, supported and respected. It means actively listening to the voices of women in particular. And it includes ensuring that indigenous peoples have the final say in how their lands are developed and their environment protected.

Our work over the next four years will be focused on the twin objectives of countering persecution and promoting inclusion. To the growth of hatred and intolerance we offer a vision based on defending rights and bringing communities together.

Would like to learn more about our new four-year strategy and how we will achieve change?