Minority and Indigenous Trends 2022 – Focus on Work

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Work is central to a whole host of other rights, providing the basis for a safe, healthy and dignified existence. For members of minorities, indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups such as migrants, however, work is all too often an arena of discrimination, abuse and exploitation. From poor pay and dangerous working conditions to a lack of basic labour protections and barriers to promotion, the challenges they face are wide ranging and often entangled in other areas of inequality, such as access to education.

Join us on Facebook Live for the launch of our annual Minority and Indigenous Trends report, this year focusing on the wide ranging inequalities minorities and indigenous peoples face in work-related settings. You will hear case studies from all continents and dozens of countries and indigenous communities. Our guest speakers will be coming from no less than six different time zones!


  • Joshua Cooper about Hawaii
  • Lauren Avery and Luciana Viegas about Black persons with autism in Brazil
  • Laura Quintana Soms and José Cuevas about the situation on the Sea of Plastic in Spain
  • Malcolm Bidali about migrant workers in Qatar

The report will be introduced by Carl Söderbergh, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Minority Rights Group. Anna Alboth, our Europe Media Officer, will moderate the discussion.

When? Wednesday 15 June, 1.00-2.30pm (London), 2.00-3.30pm (Berlin).

Where? The event will be available on Facebook Live.

Watch the event

Photo: A Karamojong woman sifting earth for gold in an artisanal mine. Credit: Jorge Fernández Garcés

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