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Championing inclusive societies

Millions of people miss out on basic rights because they are different. We work with minorities and indigenous peoples in defence of their rights.

For the love of languages: Meeting on minority tongues in Türkiye

With many of the diverse languages in Türkiye being endangered, some severely, time is of the essence. In the absence of meaningful state support at present, and little expectation of positive change at the government level in the immediate future, participants resolved to redouble efforts at the community level to ensure a new generation of speakers of all the languages currently spoken in Türkiye.

The Malparara Way: Reflections from South Australia on Mother Language Day

As we celebrate international mother tongue day, we should acknowledge and support the past, present and future role of educators in nurturing young generations of indigenous language-speakers, while remembering the painful stories that many of them had to endure because of colonisation and forced assimilation.

MRG and 61 organizations call the UK Parliament to support ceasefire in Gaza

We cannot afford to delay any longer. Private diplomacy and cautious statements are not enough – stronger action and accountability needs to be applied or the humanitarian catastrophe will likely surpass even the horrors we have seen over the last four months.

Who can participate in the fight for minority and indigenous rights?

To change your situation, you need to know what your rights are. But the world of human rights and its complex ecosystem of reports, statements, forums, summits, laws and declarations is not a landscape that is equally accessible to all.

Memory alone is not enough

To honour the memory of the Holocaust is to translate memory into action. The complicity of states must end. Never again is now. It must be for everyone, or we have learnt nothing.

Israel must end indefensible assault on Gaza

We reject the unconditional support of many states for the Israeli government’s actions. We urge states to refrain from legitimizing these actions in the name of security and counterterrorism, as this feeds a harmful propaganda machine.

Government of Belize must respect Maya land rights

Minority Rights Group urges the Belizean government to respect the human and property rights of the Maya People of southern Belize and demands the immediate suspension of alarming terms contained in a recent draft policy related to Maya Customary lands that, if enacted, would severely limit Maya lands to a few kilometres at most. 

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Kasiet Mamyrbay, daughter of detained human rights activist Rita Karasartova, speaking during the #Reaction march, a peaceful protest supporting prisoners in the Kempir-Abad case. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 25 November 2022. Credit: Danil Usmanov.