European Sister Office

Based in Budapest since 1996, Minority Rights Group Europe is the European sister office of MRG, with the aim of promoting and protecting the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples across Europe and Central Asia. MRG Europe does this through capacity building, international advocacy, media advocacy and networking.

Minority Rights Group Europe
1082 Budapest, Üllői út 68., 2/15., Hungary.

General: +36 30 209 3152


Zsofia Farkas
Managing Director


Anna Szentes
Office and Finance Assistant


Anna Alboth
Media Programmes Coordinator
Tel:+49 1781426627


Andrea Spitászky
Legal Officer and Programmes Coordinator (Europe and Central Asia)


Viktoria Villanyi-Nosko
Finance and Administration Coordinator (Europe)
Tel: +36 30 209 3152


Robert Nemeth
Hungarian Media Officer


Orsolya Farkas
Programmes Officer


Ifra Asad
South Asia Programme Assistant


Marco Cadena
Digital Communications Officer


Nicole Garbin
Freedom From Hate Programme Coordinator (maternity cover)


Download MRG Europe’s annual reports below:

Job vacancies

MRGE has no vacancies available at the moment.

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