MRG values diversity. As an organization, minorities, indigenous persons, people with disabilities and people of colour are under-represented in our team and thus we particularly welcome applications from these groups.

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Staff benefits

Here are the current staff benefits we offer.


All MRGI staff receive paid holiday. The current allowance is 28 days per year (for full-time work, pro-rated for part-time).

This is in addition to public holidays of the country in which the consultant is based (up to the total number of annual leave and public holidays in the UK that year – we may reduce leave if the public holidays exceed the number in the UK (normally 8)).

Health insurance contributions

MRG will contribute 50% to the cost of health insurance in countries where free healthcare is either not available or is not reliably available to a minimum standard whereby:

  • staff could be sure to be able to obtain emergency assistance in case of a life-threatening illness or incident and
  • would be able to obtain quality advice, medication and procedures in a timely way as needed.

Countries where this applies and where we currently have staff are:

  • Kenya
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • Tunisia

If a staff member is based in a country where a good healthcare system exists but their immigration status means that they can’t access it (without payment), they should discuss this with HR.


MRG’s UK pension scheme is limited to employees based in the UK as it has UK Inland Revenue linked tax benefits. MRG will match staff contributions as follows:

  • Consultant 4% and MRG 8%
  • Consultant 5% and MRG 10%
Maternity and paternity leave

Employees are entitled to maternity or paternity leave as detailed in the staff handbook.

Travel insurance

Staff and consultants are covered outside their country of residence by our travel insurance. Each year, we pay for insurance to cover planned work-related trips.


Staff are entitled to sick leave. The amount increases with length of service.

Employee Assistance Programme

The Health Assured advice line is available to all staff.

Information for interns and volunteers

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) exists to promote the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples and promote cooperation between communities. In line with this mission, MRG seeks to involve volunteers and interns to:

  • Work with staff and partners to organise events, processes and publications that promote the rights of minorities and promote cooperation between communities;
  • Work with staff on the essential tasks that underpin all of our work e.g. fundraising, finance and administration, project and research work; and
  • Provide new skills and perspectives to our work.

We are reducing our reliance on unpaid interns. We aim to only have interns who have some form of funding, or who are doing an internship as part of their studies.



Volunteers provide invaluable support to our work. We recruit volunteers for a minimum time period of 8 weeks full time or 3/6 months part time. This involves helping with general administration and routine tasks such as logistics, filing, photocopying, preparing correspondence and collating information and training materials. There may also be opportunities to volunteer in areas such as organising events and fundraising. Office experience and language skills are highly valued.

We do not accept speculative applications. When volunteer positions are available they will be advertised on the jobs page of our website. Applicants are required to follow the application instruction on the advertisement. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a short interview.


Interns are recruited to carry out specific projects which often require at least a working knowledge of a particular language or specialist knowledge/experience in an area of MRG’s work. Candidates should have a strong interest in their chosen area, but studying the particular subject at degree level is not a formal requirement. Members of minority community or tribal and indigenous peoples’ representatives are highly encouraged to apply. Interns must be legally eligible to work in the United Kingdom.

If we have any internship vacancies, they will be advertised on our website under the jobs section, along with details of how to apply. Please do not send speculative applications as we are unable to accept these.

If you are applying from abroad, please note that the work is unpaid so you will need to be able to support yourself while staying in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, Minority Rights Group International is not able to help with financing travel to the UK or finding accommodation for accepted candidates.

Through an internship, candidates will have the opportunity to increase their working experience, knowledge and skills whilst working in a multicultural and multi-ethnic environment, learn about how an international human rights NGO functions and how southern partners implement minority rights processes and programmes.


Travel and lunch expenses

Internships and volunteering can take place in all our offices (London, Budapest or Kampala). Minority Rights Group (MRG) will not pay interns and volunteers for placement; Interns’ expenses will be reimbursed upon production of receipts: up to £17.50 per day for lunch and transport. MRG regrets that it does not have the resources to assist candidates with search for grants or funding.


MRG is unable to provide assistance with accommodation in London.


Overseas applicants studying in the UK are allowed to volunteer for up to 20 hours per week and do not need to apply for a visa. If you do not already have a visa / permission to work in the UK, MRG can provide support for candidates’ visa applications. MRG is registered as an A-rated sponsor with the Home Office.

How to apply

We do not accept speculative applications. When volunteer and intern positions are available they will be advertised on the jobs page of our website. Applicants are required to follow the application instruction on the advertisement. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a short interview.

Candidates will be informed in due course of their application/request status, but you should note that, as we always have more applicants than space, there are no guarantees of your being selected. If you have not heard from us within one month from the closing date, you can consider that your application has been unsuccessful.

Recruitment Privacy Policy

This document sets out the ways in which we gather, use, disclose and manage your personal data provided by you to us in your application and accompanying documents. The purpose of this policy is to inform and protect you.

Your rights are protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is a legal framework that aims to strengthen your right to privacy and protection of your personal data. Further information on these rights and GDPR can be found at

How we collect your Personal Data

MRG will gather and process personal data you submit to us regarding employment, consultancies, contracts, volunteering, and internship opportunities with MRG. We will also hold other data gathered in the recruitment process including:

  • Answers to interview questions and test materials submitted as part of the recruitment process;
  • Referee names and contact details, and information about you supplied by your referees; and
  • Scores and comments by panel members on your application, interview and tests.

Why we collect your Personal Data

We process your personal data to pursue legitimate business interests including to run the charity effectively and defend the organisation against any legal claims. We will not process your data where these interests are overridden by your own interests. Recruitment data is held for the purposes of recruitment and equal opportunities analysis, including to assess and confirm candidates’ suitability for employment, to shortlist candidates, contact candidates for interview or make an offer of employment, internship, etc.

Types of Personal Data we collect

Information we will hold about you includes your contact details, home address, professional profile, education and work experience, current remuneration, information about your entitlement to work in the UK, and other information you disclose in the application form or accompanying paperwork. It also includes answers to interview questions, test scores, and references. For equal opportunities monitoring purposes we will also hold and process information about any ‘significant characteristics’ which you choose to voluntarily disclose to us.

How we use your Personal Data

MRG will use your data to identify you as an applicant, to make decisions regarding shortlists and final selection of a candidate, and to communicate with you if necessary about the position in relation to which you submit to us your personal data. We will also use your data for equal opportunities monitoring to comply with good practice guidelines for diversity.

Where your data is processed and stored

Electronic: Your personal data will be stored electronically in MRG’s secure data storage systems. MRG’s databases are protected by McAfee which is a security software downloaded onto all devices in our offices.

Paper: Your data will be stored in a locked filing cabinet in our office which holds information about selected and appointed candidates. Access to this data is limited to the human resources team, members of interview panels, and other staff relevant to the recruitment process, who are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.  Once any candidate is appointed, their personal data will be stored in line with MRG’s Human Resources Privacy Policy.

How long your personal data is stored for

If your application is unsuccessful, MRG will keep your personal data on file for 6 months. This is to enable us to respond to any queries or concerns from candidates. By signing your application form you consent for your data to be kept for this purpose and you are free to withdraw your consent at any time.

If you are subsequently employed, volunteer or provide services to MRG under a contract, we will retain your data for the duration of your working relationship with MRG and beyond for as long as we need to hold data to satisfy donor requirements, audits or for e.g. Inland Revenue and other statutory checks. Our Human Resources Privacy Policy provides details of how employee data is stored and used.

Your rights in relation to the data we hold about you

You have the right to access a copy of your data on request, ask us to change incorrect or incomplete data, ask us to delete any data we hold on you, to restrict processing for a particular reason, to withdraw your consent, or to be kept informed about the processing of your data. You are under no obligation to provide your personal data to MRG during recruitment. However if you impose restrictions on processing your data or choose not to provide some data, this may mean we are not able to process your application to work with us properly or at all.

How to take action on the processing of your personal data

We control the processing of personal data with the aim of keeping it accurate and up to date. To notify us that we are holding inaccurate Personal Data about you, or to request that we delete, or restrict processing of your data, please email us at, with the subject heading ‘Data Protection request’.

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