Terms of Reference: Draft of a report to be used as part of stakeholders’ submission to Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Lebanon for Minority Rights Group (MRG) as part of its project “protecting the rights of religious minorities”

Location: Any

Duration: one month

Deadline: 15/05/2020



Minority Rights Group (MRG) is an international non-governmental organisation working to secure rights for ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities worldwide and to promote co-operation between communities. This activity is part of MRG project titled “Protecting the Rights of Religious Minorities”, a four-year project funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD). For more info on the project visit:  https://minorityrights.org/what-we-do/protecting-the-rights-of-religious-minorities/

Role & Responsibilities

  • The Author will research, draft and supply MRG with a submission which will be used as other stakeholders report to Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Lebanon. The Author will explore and focus in the report the main issues in the areas of rights, with special focus on Freedom of religion and belief.
  • The Author will research, prepare and supply to MRG a draft submission of approximately 2,815 words in English.
  • In doing so, the researcher will collect first-hand data on the situation of human rights in Lebanon. The researcher will consider other elements of intersectionality such the situation of people with disabilities.
  • The submission will follow the format of OHCHR’s summary of stakeholders’ information and should include information on the implementation of the accepted recommendations by the state of Lebanon.
  • The report will conclude with recommendations to the committee of the UPR


MRG shall pay the Author 1,000 Euros fees on delivery of the final draft.

Experience and Expertise required

  • Extensive experience writing and undertaking research focus on human rights in Lebanon or Middle East region.
  • Good record of drafting and producing high quality alternative shadow reports to international mechanisms.
  • Very good knowledge of human rights situation in Lebanon.
  • The ability to write in English to a high level of accuracy and academic rigor in an accessible style
  • Awareness of relevant issues of security, confidentiality, safeguarding and research ethics.
  • Existing networks of contacts in the INGO sector or the media related to human rights in Lebanon are desirable.

Timeline for the submission

  • First draft: 15th of June, 2020
  • Return of the first draft to the expert: 21st of June, 2020
  • Final draft: 30th of June, 2020


Applicants should submit a CV, a brief cover letter and a suggested draft outline to mrgmena@mrgmail.org by 15 of May 2020.

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