Researcher on Covid-19 responses and its impact on minority and indigenous communities in Ethiopia

Terms of Reference:

1) To use the OPERA analytical framework to analyse the impact of the ongoing amendments of policies and laws in response to Covid-19 pandemic by the national and specific county governments in Ethiopia;

2) Analyse the resources available to benefit minorities and indigenous communities in the fight against Covid-19;

Focus areas:

Federal government, Gambella Region, Southern Nations, Oromia and Somali Region.

Duration: 5 weeks

Project Background

Minority Rights Group International in collaboration with local partners is implementing a project titled: From Disparity to Dignity: Realizing indigenous and minority rights in development in Ethiopia. This project addresses the discriminatory barriers in law, policy and practice that prevent indigenous people, ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities from enjoying their economic, social and cultural rights on equal footing and contribute to their marginalization in development.

The project supports minority and indigenous rights defenders through strengthening their capacity to monitor esc rights discrimination and prompting duty bearers to be more responsive and accountable to their obligations.

In the course of implementing this project, Covid-19 pandemic broke out and as part of our response, we are conducting an in-depth analysis of the ongoing amendments in laws, policies and practices and their likely impact on economic, social and cultural rights of the minority groups and indigenous communities. Public budgets (one of the major state policies) will have a central role to play in defeating Covid-19 and this calls for openness and accountability in the management of financial matters. The research will provide recommendations to policy makers to ensure the socio-economic rights of the minority and indigenous people are protected, respected and fulfilled despite the pandemic.

Role and Responsibilities

The consultant to submit a detailed report covering all the priority areas;

– Analyse Federal government amendment of laws and policies as part of COVID-19 response and its likely impact on minority and indigenous communities in Ethiopia;

– Analyse regional states amendment of laws, policies and practices and their impact on minority groups and indigenous communities;

– Identify best practices and violations of human rights (if any) around Covid-19 Response by the federal government and regional states (Southern Nations, Oromia, Gambella and Somali region include responses by the private and public sectors towards the needs of minorities and indigenous communities in Ethiopia;


– An inception report upon signing of the agreement to cover and not limited to detailed action plan and timetable of work

One (1) detailed research report clearly highlighting the expected impact of ongoing amendments of laws and policies on the rights of minority and indigenous communities in Ethiopia (15,000 words).

Recommendations for policy makers and other key stakeholders to better protect, respect and fulfil socio-economic rights of minority and indigenous communities during COVID-19 response and beyond;

– A final report that will contain the necessary amendments by the consultant.

The draft and final reports will be in A4 size and Times New Roman font size12, single spacing and must include:

i) Executive summary

ii) Introduction

iii) Methodology

iv) Data presentation

v) Findings and Discussions

vi) Recommendations and conclusions


Minority Rights Group International (MRGI) shall pay the researcher EUR. 2,400 in three instalments as follows:

(a) Instalment #1: 50% on signing of the Agreement.

(b) Instalment #2: 30% on submission of the first draft of the report.

(c) Instalment #3: 20% on approval of the final research report by Minority Rights Group International;


Submission of Expression of Interest by 31st July, 2020

Submission of first draft 1st draft: 20th Aug, 2020

Return of the draft with comments to the researcher: 25th August, 2020

Final report submission: 30th August, 2020

Validation meeting on the final report: 5th September, 2020

Experience and Expertise required

Extensive knowledge and experience of working on indigenous and minority, women and girls’ rights;

Extensive experience working in areas such as public policy, law, public finance management and economic policy analysis;

– Very good knowledge of CESR OPERA analytical framework;

– Very good knowledge on economic, social and cultural rights

Fluency in English, Amharic and Somali languages is preferred;

Awareness of relevant issues such as confidentiality and research ethics; and

– Ability to deliver within the set deadlines;

How to apply:

Interested consultants should send an Expression of Interest (EOI) to Geoffrey at and Fatma on by Friday 31st July, 2020.

About MRG

Minority Rights Group International campaigns worldwide with around 150 partners in over 50 countries to ensure that disadvantaged minorities and indigenous peoples, often the poorest of the poor, can make their voice heard.

Through training and education, legal cases, publications and the media and cultural programmes we support minority and indigenous people as they strive to maintain their rights – to the land they live on, the languages they speak, to equal opportunities in education and employment, and to full participation in public life.

Minority Rights Group International has over 50 years’ experience of working with non-dominant ethnic, religious and linguistic communities and we bring a long-term view of these issues to bear in all the work we do. We work with minorities as diverse as the Batwa in Central Africa, Roma in Europe, Christians in Iraq and Dalits in India and Nepal to name but a few.

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