I. Description

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) invites documentary filmmakers to tender for the production of a documentary film on minority, development and migration issues in Europe.

To a brief decided in collaboration with MRG, you will co-produce, direct, shoot and edit a 25 – 30-minute documentary film. The filmmaker will bring his or her unique combination of journalistic news-gathering and cinematic eye to cover the issue sensitively and compellingly.

This film will not be about MRG’s work per se, but about the issues faced by the people we aim to support through our work. The film should focus on migration from a minority perspective, for instance, following a migrant belonging to a minority community at the EU’s external borders, and/or upon arrival and the first few months including reception by authorities and local communities. Subjects that are under-reported within the EU will be prioritised. The film should be a hard-hitting documentary that highlights something new about the issue of migration and take a different approach to the topic. Your own creative input will be highly important.

The film is an activity under the Media, Minorities and Migration programme led by Minority Rights Group. The film is aimed at the general public and policy makers in the European Union, with a particular focus on Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

II. Remuneration

Budget: the filmmaker will receive €16,000 euro for this project.

MRG will additionally pay for the post-production formatting (into TV format), conversion to the social media content, organising the launch of the film (in European city) and submission for film festivals.

III. Submitting an application

 To apply, please send the following by email to samrawit.gougsa@mrgmail.org

  • An outline of your approach to the story (500-800 words) and include any background you think might inform the story (three key points of what makes this newsworthy), and how the story might be filmed and framed in terms of narrative, style and approach on the topic of minorities and migration in Europe.
  • Your filmmaker’s CV and links to your film work online.
  • A draft budget for the project to include pre-production, production and post-production and which includes all costs (travel, per diem, etc).
  • A rough work-plan, with the final video being submitted to MRG by 20th September 2019.

The deadline to submit applications is 11th March 2019.

If you have any queries, please contact samrawit.gougsa@mrgmail.org

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