Terms of reference – online toolkit for development journalists

We are looking for a website developer to develop a microsite for the Best practice toolkit on global development journalism aiming primarily at journalists and journalism students, secondarily on journalism teachers, NGO media workers, etc. Toolkit will put emphasis on migration and minority coverage from various perspectives.

Microsite should be simple in structure and possible to open even with non-sufficient internet connection. Site will not require further actualisations, besides new articles and correcting mistakes and updating data (this is not part of the contract, should be done by contractor via CMS).

We strongly prefer WordPress as CMS.


Best practice toolkit is created in the frame of Media, Migration and Minorities project co-funded by the EU. Its aim is to provide main and secondary target groups with relevant information and opportunities to build skills in the field of global development journalism with emphasis on migration and minorities. 

It will also consist of case studies and recommendations for both, journalism-related target groups as well as NGO media workers willing to cooperate with journalists – all of that based on real activities realised within the project and longterm experience of professional journalists and NGO media workers.

It will be structured in a way allowing journalists to find all the elements in a journalism-centred approach. I.e. it will be structured from the perspective of journalists, not teachers or NGO workers – so that they could find it logically from their perspective.

We prefer to build microsite on WordPress CMS platform.

It should be “sexy” and not too conservative, with possible interactive elements (e.g. some moving elements), but not too interactive and too shiny. It should be generally positive (offering positive feeling), but at the same time it should induce rational feeling. I.e. not too fluffy or childish. And it could induce journalism/media feel.

  • Links and lists
  • Pictures
  • Embedded videos (e.g. from youtube or elsewhere) 
  • Embedded infographics (e.g. from Infogram, Datawrapper, etc.)
  • Checklists (list where you can put the sign “done”, but otherwise it does not have to be connected to anything)
  • Signature elements (distinguishing this idea from others)
  • Possible interactive elements (if relevant)
  • Possible other elements

It should provide “multileveled” content.

It should provide “multileveled” content. 1) There could be basic, short information, in form of “perex”, kind of abstract, these should be in tiles, 2) then expandable  version “read more” when it would roll down with more complex information and examples, embedded videos, infographics, pictures, stories, checklists, etc. 3) checklists where relevant (eg. when preparing for fieldwork), 4) additional resources in version of links (embedded video is also a link).

  • Attend selected online meetings with coordinator, author and other relevant persons
  • Suggest the best possible solutions for individual ideas
  • Create design idea
  • Code idea
  • Support the process of domain registration
  • Upload to selected domain, and test all the content
  • Set all relevant settings such as SEO and so on
  • Provide service for next 24 months (especially solving possible bugs and update elements which will not be updatable by contractor, if any)
Profile of developer:
  • Proven experience with similar solutions
  • Microsite uploaded to selected domain
  • Service providing in the next 24 months
Deadlines (short):
  • Design ideas – 5th of May
  • Upload of content – 15th of May
  • Testing content – 17th of May
  • Inclusion of test results – 20th of May
  • Final version for public presentation – 22th of May

4000 euro

  • Technical book – with collected technical and similar issues, can be used for questions from developer, too
How to apply?:

If you are interested in being considered for this opportunity, please send the following to Anna.Alboth@mrgmail.org by 30th April 2020. Detailed project description and documents can be requested via e-mail before submission.

  • CV
  • Cover letter with examples of at least 3 other websites created by the candidate
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