MRG will ask you to subscribe to our newsletter. This is because opportunities for partners to carry out advocacy, submit evidence or apply for funding are regularly included. It is also great – if it is safe for you to do so – if you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Consider whether it is appropriate and useful to tag us when you are posting on your channels and we will share your content with a wider audience if we can.

When our funded joint work comes to an end, that does not need to be the end of our relationship. Firstly, we sometimes design a future phase of work and if/when we are successful in getting funding for that, our joint work will restart. We would like to be able to offer some continuity between funded work, in the form of continued strategy sharing, joint advocacy and mutual support without any direct grant support. This might depend on the staff time available to us. Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t. It might depend on the emergencies happening around the world and the calls for our help we are receiving as a result.

Sometimes though, we feel that we need to work less with one partner or community and so we don’t design a ‘next phase’ of our joint work or seek funding for it. This might be because a particular problem has been successfully resolved within a community. But at other times it might be because, in our judgement, your organization now has the capacity to ‘go it alone’ with much less or no support from us. We only really ever finally succeed when organizations we have supported can sustain the effort and continue moving their context towards equality without our support. Even in these cases we will want to stay in touch with you. We will aim to tell you about opportunities that could benefit you and involve you in global and collective efforts e.g. to influence UN wide processes.

If you ever have a concern or a complaint about the way anyone associated with MRG has treated you, please contact us. Any feedback will be independently and as far as possible confidentially investigated. We want to hear from you if you are unhappy about anything in our relationship. We can’t always solve every problem, (sometime we are constrained by donor rules) but we will investigate and learn for the future and try to do better for both you and others.

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