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Profile  The Frisian minority includes North, East and Sater Frisians which differ significantly from each other. The number of the representatives of the Frisian ethnic group is…

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Turks and Kurds

Profile  German official statistics do not usually differentiate between Turks and Kurds, even though hostilities in the Kurdish regions of Turkey are…

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Profile  There are 185,000 residents in Germany with a ‘migrant background’ connected to Vietnam, according to official 2018 micro-census data. Dresden, Leipzig,…

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Profile  There are approximately 50,000 ethnic Danes in the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein of Germany, which means that the Danish…

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Profile  According to different estimations there are 70,000 – 140,000 (Council of Europe, 2012) Roma and Sinti in Germany. Other estimates have previously suggested that there…

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Profile The Sorbian people (Sorbisches Volk / Serbski lud) is the official designation of the Sorbian community in Germany. Sorbs are the smallest Slavic ethnic…