Consultancy for report on the situation of Roma in Ukraine

Deadline of submissions: 7 November 2018

Total fee: 2500 Euros

Note: The consultant will be required to write the report in English and so fluency in English is a requirement



MRG has been commissioned to develop, in collaboration with its partner Roma rights organizations in Ukraine, a report on the situation of Roma in the Ukraine. Following on from a briefing paper developed by partners, outlining the key findings of a their survey of Roma respondents, this report will provide a longer publication outlining the history, legal context and current rights environment for Roma communities in the country.

With the completion of the current Roma strategy in 2020 and the formulation of its successor now underway, the publication will serve as an important advocacy tool for MRG and local partners to influence the design of the post-2020 document. With a projected publication date of March 2019, it is hoped that it will draw substantively on the findings of the currently ongoing second cycle and also on detailed case studies from MRG’s programme work in Ukraine.

In particular, it will also address some emerging issues not covered in the 2020 strategy, such as the rise in targeted anti-Roma hate crime. It will also include concrete recommendations for policy makers and officials to translate into practical measures post-2020.



The report will come to approximately 20,000 words and follow closely the template of other MRG country reports. Examples are available on the MRG website – – but the author will also be provided with a set of guidelines by the commissioning editor upon acceptance of the assignment.

The contents will include:

  • Executive summary – outlining in 1-2 pages the main findings of the report.
  • Introduction – background and methodology of report.
  • Community profile – a short profile of the Roma community in Ukraine, including a history, population estimates, recent developments and key issues.
  • Current challenges – this will cover a breadth of issues and be informed in part by the findings of the second cycle, but are likely to include:
  • the current legal context and official discrimination
  • hate crime, hate speech and targeted violence
  • challenges accessing services such as health care, education and housing.
  • poverty, unemployment and livelihoods.

This should draw extensively on monitoring work of the Coalition of Roma NGOs in Ukraine and case studies of MRG’s programme work in Ukraine.

  • Conclusion and recommendations – with an emphasis on concrete and actionable measures for the central government and local authorities.


Proposed timeline

Finalization of author contract: 20 November

Completion of first draft: 15 December

Feedback from reviewers: 13 January 2019

Completion of second draft: 30 January 2019


Application details

To apply, please send a short cover letter and a recent copy of your CV to, along with any examples of written work including published reports.

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