Why an Endowment Fund and How will it help?

An endowment fund will ensure long term security enabling MRG to pursue our charitable aims, at a time when advocacy groups are under increased pressure and core income is scarce for all sectors. Our target is to raise is £2.5m by 2025. Having an endowment fund will relieve some of the pressure on fundraising and achieve several important milestones as shown on the bar-chart below – we will keep this updated so you can track the progress of your gift. 

Thank You’s

Having an Endowment Fund available to support our work in these ways has the potential to transform MRG and have a long-lasting impact on the communities we strive to support. We have created a plaque board in our office and respected the wishes of some individuals and Trusts that did not wish to be named. We would like to praise the PWC professionals who are taking the time to guide us with the capital raise via the Beyond Me programme


You can make a donation online or post us a cheque.

  • Purchasing our own office space 14% 14%
  • Support the continuity of core MRG staff 65% 65%
  • Project costs (gaps not covered by grants) 85% 85%
  • Support our minority citizen journalism platform Minority Voices Newsroom 15% 15%

Photo: A refugee camp in the town of Kantale, in eastern Sri Lanka