Across the globe the devastating effects of the climate crisis are being felt. Minorities and indigenous peoples often heavily marginalised, are now living on the front line of this battle. Despite living in places that are more affected by climate change and frequently protecting some of the earth’s most biodiverse areas, these communities are repeatedly overlooked, their rights ignored and their experiences and voices left out of decision-making spaces. Now more than ever, we need to achieve climate justice and that can only be done by ensuring that the voices, lived experience and knowledge of minorities and indigenous peoples are

meaningfully heard by those in positions of power that can influence change.

Minority Rights Group works to address these issues, amplifying the voices of minorities and indigenous peoples across the world to ensure they are not forgotten. We challenge governments to recognise the land rights of indigenous peoples and help design systems that ensure communities’ traditional knowledge and expertise are heard and respected by global decision makers. 

We need your help to combat the climate crisis and achieve climate justice for all.

Archana's story

Archana Soreng is a passionate and skilful young environmental activist who has witnessed the marginalisation of her community.

Esther's story

Esther is a member of the indigenous Ogiek community living in Kenya, isolated from health facilities and government social infrastructure.

The story of Baphlimali

Aluminium mining in Baphlimali, India, has caused  environment devastation and has wrecked the lifestyle of thousands of Adivasis.

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Our steps to achieving climate justice

Recognise indigenous ownership of the lands they live on

Include indigenous peoples when designing strategies for nature conservation

Listen to indigenous peoples and respect their traditional knowledge, especially in environmental protection

Design systems where indigenous peoples can guard and regenerate their homelands without political, social or economic barriers

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