This evaluation was unusual as it was completed by a member of staff who had worked on one of the programmes that was evaluated. It looked at four MRG programmes which had overlapped – been run in the same geographic area Central and South East Europe during the same period between 1996 and 2002. Although evaluations are normally carried out by external consultants, who are more objective and have more perspective, this evaluation was very interesting. The staff member who led on the work, learnt a lot more about how to DO evaluation than is normally the case. This fed back into other MRG staff and in particular into other staff learning more about how to monitor and assess progress. Also we have been surprised that evaluations carried about by staff are often more critical that independent evaluations and this is one example.

The findings were that the various programmes were often very effective in building knowledge and skills but were less clear about how this in turn would contribute to wider social change. The evaluation also pointed out the limited usefulness of one off events and suggested that MRG needed to use much longer term and more sustained interventions.

Download evaluation: Comprehensive evaluation of programmes implemented in Central, Eastern and South-East Europe from 1996-2002

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