This evaluation concerned MRG’s work in the Great Lakes with the Batwa community from 2007 – 2010. The work evaluated included building the capacity of both partner organisations and Batwa leaders and potential leaders, research, publications, and national advocacy. The programme also included work on one legal case.   The evaluator finds that some aspects of the programme worked well:

“At national level there were some indications of the rights awareness and advocacy training delivered being successfully translated into improved communication and negotiation skills (Output 2) but gains are important if remaining small.”

And that overall:

“There are some notable achievements made in terms of Batwa people becoming more confident in an understanding of their rights and seeking more contact with authorities to press for these to be respected; and there still remains much to be done to raise the profile of Batwa issues and to secure specific measures to address the marked gaps (in terms of standard development indicators) between the Batwa Pygmy community and the wider population.”

However, she also identified some problems including the way that MRG sought to build partners capacity primarily by offering training: “A systematic capacity analysis of implementing partners would have enabled clear benchmarking and objective assessment of progress. Since advocacy training has still to be translated into a clear analysis of national frameworks and a targeted advocacy strategy in all countries, the impact of leadership and organisational changes achieved upon the lives of beneficiary communities is limited.”

Download evaluation: Enhancing Batwa Pygmies Leadership in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda & Uganda (2007-2009)

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