This evaluation looked into the successes and challenges of a two-and-a-half-year programme of supported litigation in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo.

The evaluator concluded that the programme “was highly relevant to the needs of target groups. Its design was coherent and adequate to support the achievement of the programme objectives.” And that “Despite deficiencies identified in the way the programme was implemented, its outcomes are valuable for the further advancement of minority rights in the programme countries.

Two positive court decisions against discriminatory practices were obtained, at least one of which has characteristics of a powerful legal precedent. The case Finci v. BiH is by any definition a landmark one not only for Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also for the international level protection against discrimination. Where no judicial decision was reached, the value of the programme laid in its power to enhance the prospects for greater use of the anti-discrimination mechanisms for the protection of minority rights.” The evaluator was more critical of MRG’s method of selecting partners for legal cases work, of how partners’ efforts were monitored and whether MRG did enough to build the capacity of partners to carry out similar work in future.

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