This three-year project was run from 2010 to 2012 in Botswana, Dominican Republic, Kenya and Rwanda. MRG supported partners in these countries to recruit and train groups of actors who then developed plays about racism in their societies and performed them for the general public.

The evaluation found that:

“The programme achieved results which vastly exceeded its targets reaching over 60,000 people … The performances reflect community experiences of discrimination but through engaging storylines with humour and tragedy. The performance and composition of the acting groups, which brought together actors from the majority and minority communities confronted stereotypes. Minority community involvement in shaping the performance storylines through actors’ community visits, from minority community actors in the group and through pilots to validate performances were important and effective. Discussions during and post -performance effectively engaged some members of audiences in considering their own behaviour. … Audiences reported that they were engaged in the performances due to the strength of story-lines and through an emotional response. They also were struck by the power of seeing discrimination and conflict demonstrated rather than only being talked about which differentiated the MRG/partners’ approach from others. … The programme has successfully shown the potential of street theatre to make a significant contribution to building the rights of minority groups in a range of different country, political, social and economic contexts.”

Download the full evaluation report here.

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