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How much is the UN system upholding the UNDM?

2 December 2022 • 1:00 – 3:00 pm CET
Palais des Nations

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Minorities (UNDM). The 15th session of the UN Forum on Minority Issues is therefore focussing on the UNDM, providing a space for minority representatives from around the world to reflect on the implementation of the Declaration.

This side-event, organized by Minority Rights Group International with the support of the Permanent Mission of Austria, will focus on Article 9 of the UNDM. Article 9 stipulates that, ‘The specialized agencies and other organizations of the United Nations system shall contribute to the full realization of the rights and principles set forth in the… Declaration.’

With the contributions of minority speakers, the panel will discuss both the positive and negative direct experiences of minority communities with regard to the activities of UN agencies. Particular attention will be paid to marginalised groups within minorities, especially minority women. The side-event organizers hope to draw lessons and make recommendations to UN agencies, concerning the future implementation of the UNDM.

A side event organized by Minority Rights Group International in the context of the UN Forum on Minority Issues on 2 December 2022.

When? Friday 2 December 2022 at 13.00

Where? Room XXIII, Palais des Nations, Geneva

Photo: Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room of the Palace of Nations, Geneva (Switzerland), 5 August 2015. Credit: Ludovic Courtès. Published on Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons licence.