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Historically Marginalised People from Nyagatare District advocate for their childrens’ education in Rwanda

6 June 2017

In a network meeting held on 4th April 2017 among some CSO representatives working with Historically Marginalised People (HMP) in Rwanda, it emerged that HMP lag behind in different public sectors mainly due to their low levels of education.  It was, therefore, recommended that advocacy campaigns targeting the government be intensified so that the HMP also have the capacity to participate in socio-economic and political life.

Responding to this call, Women’s Organization for Promoting Unity (WOPU) in partnership with MRG, and with Irish Aid financial support, organized an advocacy campaign on 17 May 2017 targeting Nyagatare district officials.  HMP communities from Gatunda and Tabagwe Sectors took lead in the advocacy.  Among other education related issues raised by the community were HMP’s children school dropout due to inability by parents to provide basic school requirements and exclusion from government education support due to unfair social categorization (known as Ubudehe Social Categorisation).  Government officials in the meeting pledged to revise the social categorization so that those affected HMP family can enjoy government support.

In this video, some HMP individuals narrate how they (or their children) failed to pursue education because of lack of school requirements and how they could not access government support as they had been wrongly categorized.

Summary by Balikunda Felicien, MRG Africa Capacity Building Officer