The images used on this website are the copyright of Minority Rights Group or copyright free unless credited on the page where they appear. MRG is indebted to the photographers from minority communities who work hard to ensure their communities are represented. Much of this is published via the Minority Voices Newsroom.

MRG is also extremely grateful to the freelance photographers and organisations who work with and depict minority and indigenous peoples around the world. There are many barriers to doing this – not least geographical and political – but it is vital that these communities have a visual presence and a voice in the wider world. Thank you to those who help to make their situations better understood.

Featured Image

Our current banner image depicts a mother and her three children, from the indigenous Hmong minority, in Sin Chai, northwestern Viet Nam. Image courtesy of United Nations Photo/Kibae Park (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic vis Flickr).

Campaign images

Page 1 of campaign, in order of appearance from top to bottom:

Barbed wire. Credit: Jamie Dobson.

Protest against France’s immigration laws in Paris, France. Credit: looking4poetry. (Protesters gather to speak out against escalating hate incidents in Washington County, Maryland state, US. Credit: Stephen Melkisethian.)

Kurdish refugees from Syria. Credit: EC/ECHO.

Dalit woman in India. Credit: ActionAid India.

Page 2 of campaign, in order of appearance from top to bottom:

Ogiek women in Kenya. Credit: MRG.

Yezidi refugees in Kurdistan, Iraq. Credit: Defend International.

Dominican woman of Haitian Descent in the Dominican Republic. Credit: Dominique Telemaque.

Muslim women in France. Credit: Baba1948 (Flickr).

Roma woman in Ukraine. Credit: Steve Evans.

Page 3 of campaign, in order of appearance from top to bottom:

Yezidi refugees who fled ISIL attacks in Iraq. Credit: Caroline Gluck/EU-ECHO.

Batwa woman in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Credit: MRG.