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Slovakia: Multicultural art workshops spark conversation

26 June 2023

Spiššký Hrhov, Krompachy, Podsadek, Prešov, and Svit, Slovakia. May-June, 2023

Students from diverse backgrounds discussed the past, present and future of their communities in rural Slovakia. Between May and June 2023, activist and historian Miroslav Pollák led interactive workshops in Slovak schools across Spiššký Hrhov, Krompachy, Podsadek, Prešov, and Svit, utilizing artist František Guldan’s collection focused on national minorities. These workshops aimed to stimulate engaging discussions on multicultural, local and community history among students from diverse backgrounds, including Pashtun, Roma, Ruthenian and Ukrainian.

These workshops, implemented as part of the ‘Where I am from – Let’s get to know each other’ project by MARIO grantee EDUSOC, were tailored to suit various age groups and social backgrounds. They were conducted in elementary and middle schools, offering children a platform to share insights about their heritage, families and environments.

Throughout the workshops, activities were specifically designed to match the children’s abilities and interests. Educators, social workers and even some parents actively participated, enriching the experience. During these sessions, children demonstrated their knowledge of their cultural roots, providing glimpses into their personal histories and familial backgrounds.

The workshops were implemented until mid-September, showcasing the power of interactive education in fostering understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism among the younger generation.

EDUSOC was created with the combined work and ideas of educators, researchers, artists, and students. It aims to support modern educational methods while emphasizing the preservation of humanity.

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