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Minority Rights Group International (MRG) is offering a free online course for civil society activists in/from Egypt. It aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of civil society activists to mainstream minority rights in their work. The course also enables representatives of minority communities to develop skills and tools for an improvement of the lives of their communities.

Course objectives

  • To introduce concepts and principles of minority rights (focusing on ethnic and religious minorities)
  • To allow activists in different fields to mainstream minority rights in their work
  • To develop awareness and knowledge of international and regional mechanisms for minority rights
  • To improve practical skills in lobbying and advocacy


The content of the course is divided into eight elective topics, each sub-divided into a number of short sections. In addition to a compulsory module on minority rights, activists must choose up to two elective modules from the following:

  1. International Advocacy of Minority Rights Issues
  2. National Advocacy of Minority Rights Issues
  3. Gender and Intersectional Discrimination
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Organizational Management
  6. Monitoring and Documentation of Human Rights Abuses
  7. Countering Hate speech
  8. Cultural Advocacy

Topics do not need to be completed all at once and may be revisited later. The material will be accessible during the length of the course. Most topics contain a short quiz or a series of exercises designed to help students apply their knowledge. Every module will include an introductory webinar.


Candidates must be members of Egyptian civil society in Egypt or in the diaspora. Associations can include but are not limited to think tanks, human rights organizations of different specializations, gender and LGBTQI+ organizations/activists, art and culture organizations. Members of Egypt’s local communities including Ahmedis, Amazighs, Christians, Bahai’s, Bedouins, Bejas, Jews, Qurani’s, Nubians, Shiites and other local communities are particularly encouraged to apply. Applicants originally from other countries in the MENA region working or with an interest in working in/on Egypt will be considered, but kindly be aware that the priority will be given to Egyptian applicants.


The course will run from July to September 2022.

Application process

Please apply by filling in this form below before 7 July 2022. Any queries should be addressed to

    Personal information

    The organization

    MRG tries to select participants who will be able to contribute fully and make a real difference in their organization and community after the training.

    The training

    This course is not an educational program, its purpose is to provide participants with the skills needed to enable them and their organizations to more effectively work towards the realization and protection of the rights of religious and ethnic minority communities. Please use this section to show how you or your organization intend to use the skills within your work and their direct benefit.

    We are more likely to select participants, where they can demonstrate clear advocacy objectives.

    First choice:

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    Third choice:

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    Eighth choice:

    Selection criteria

    • Applicants must be working independently (as activists, journalists, academics, or others) or for organizations in the field of human rights and preferably on ethnic or religious minority rights in Egypt.
    • More than one participant can be accepted from each organization. If an organization wishes to have more than one participant, we encourage that one of the applicants be a woman. We aim to ensure as much as possible that 50 per cent of participants are female.
    • Preference will be given to applicants from minority communities or who work directly with minority communities.
    • For staff members of organizations, preference will be given to applicants from organizations that work specifically on minority issues (If possible please include references to minority rights, rights of indigenous peoples, freedom of religion, or any other relevant theme in organization strategy documents, statutes or statements of aims). Other applications will be considered, but organizations need to show clearly how their work links to and benefits religious minority communities.
    • Preference will be given to applicants who are working with minority communities that are currently or could potentially be subject to breaches of international human rights standards.
    • Preference will be given to applications that can show clearly how the course skills and knowledge will be used to advance the rights of a specific religious or ethnic minority community and to protect and promote their rights.
    • Applicants will guarantee a commitment of an average of 3 hours per week for a period of 3 months. We realize that it will not be possible for participants to guarantee 3 hours each week, so the course is designed to be flexible. 3 hours refers to the average time spent per week.
    • Applicants must be in a position to undertake the course and also to make use of their skills and knowledge. This means applicants must be able to receive and distribute the course materials and submit assignments on time.

    If you have not selected the box above, your choices won't be considered.
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