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Somalia: Funded Minority Workplace Fellowships in South West State

7 May 2024

Apply by

13 Jun 2024


Somalia: Funded Minority Workplace Fellowships in South West State

Minority Rights Group, Save Minority Women and Children and Marginalised Communities Advocates Network are offering eight individuals the opportunity to work for eleven months in a South West State Ministry, Department or Government agency, or in Federal Parliament (in an office or committee relevant to SWS).


To increase the participation of minority individuals in government decision making, policy setting, and implementation. The fellowship will also support the creation of a cohort of skilled and influential minority individuals who have the opportunity to inform policy and serve as a bridge between policy makers and minority communities.

Fellows will receive a monthly stipend (amount to be disclosed during the interview), a grant to obtain/upgrade relevant communications equipment and training and mentoring support throughout the 11 month-long placement.

Candidate requirements

  • Originate from South West State or have been resident in South West State for the last five years.
  • Have a university/bachelor degree OR have at least four years work experience in a relevant professional field comparable to work placements in the fellowship.
  • Have a proven track record of activism in support of minority communities including youth volunteering, advocacy work, community or social work, or action research with minority communities.
  • Be under the age of 40 on 1 May 2024.
  • Be able to demonstrate a career path focused on public service or provide a clear and compelling rationale for switching to such a career path at this time.
  • Have a good working knowledge of northern standard (Mahaatiri) Somali.
  • Be willing to be based in Baidoa, Barawe, or Mogadishu (fellows may be assigned a location based on availability).

Our objective

Our objective is to select a diverse group of fellows. We strongly encourage women who meet the criteria to apply as suitably qualified female candidates will be given preference in this round.

We also encourage applications from Mahdiban, Mushunguli, Tumaal, and Yibir candidates who were under-represented in previous rounds (but note that all candidates must meet the criteria including residence in/links to South West State.

No more than three out of eight fellows will be returnees from outside SWS or Somalia, and no more than five out of eight fellows will be over 30. No more than three of the eight fellows will be of Rahanweyn origin. We hope that at least one of the eight minority fellows will be a person living with a disability (or someone with experience caring for household members living with a disability.) We will seek to select a group of fellows with as wide a range of relevant (minority) languages and dialects as possible. When applying, please mention all relevant languages and dialects spoken and please note we may verify proficiency.

How to apply

To apply, please complete the application form below and upload all supporting documents. The application form is also available as a Word document.

You will need to attach several documents as proof of your answers, please allow yourself time to collect and attach these.

If you are unable to upload materials, use the contact form below and we will get in touch with you.


You must answer these questions fully and honestly. Extensive checks will be made to verify the information provided by shortlisted applicants. Any applicant who has been found to have answered questions dishonestly, in an attempt to mislead the selection panel, will not only be rejected by this scheme but may be blacklisted which would affect applications to any US Embassy Mogadishu opportunities (recruitments, solicitations etc) in future.

All completed forms with necessary attachments must be submitted by 13 June 2024.

If you are having trouble with the application form, please let us know here and we will contact you.