Call for proposals: Grants for Inclusive Peacebuilding in Thailand’s Southern Border Provinces, 2023

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Minority Rights Group is seeking proposals for local projects that work toward supporting the rights of minority or marginalized persons to mobilise their communities to facilitate engagement in processes of peacebuilding in the following Southern Border Provinces of Thailand: Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, and the four districts of Songkhla. 

Projects must pilot innovative approaches at the local and national levels. Potential activities can include:  

  • Advocacy: research, data collection, producing evidence/reports for advocacy, strategy and planning meetings, monitoring, and publications. 
  • Capacity building: trainings and workshops to develop the ability of communities to protect their minority rights, and mediate conflict resolutions and peacebuilding.  
  • Government accountability: dialogue with public authorities. 
  • Conflict management:   monitoring conflict and community tension, actions relating to identified drivers of conflict, dialogue with local authorities, research into conflict drivers, and ways to reduce impact. 
  • Peacebuilding: community mediation initiatives, intercommunity projects; arts, education, or sports projects; inter-community dialogues, problem-solving initiatives. 
  • Law: trainings including paralegal and rights training, legal support initiatives. 
  • Trainings: conflict resolution trainings, trainings of HRDs or community members on their rights.  
  • Creative communications: campaigns, communication, and awareness raising initiatives. 

Criteria for Applicants:  

  • Be a non-governmental or community-based organisation working on related issues. 
  • Have an established track record of similar work. 
  • Be committed to peaceful resolution of conflict and must not be engaged in or support in any way violent activities 
  • Be committed to involving all ethnic and/or religious communities, gender, and people with disabilities in your broader activities. 

Term of Reference

Projects can be between 5,000 EUR – 25,000 EUR 

Projects can be implemented from 1 July 2023 onward. The maximum project duration is 18 months (The duration of activity can be between 6 – 18 months) 

Project Selection Criteria  

  1. Innovative projects that pilot new approaches to promoting and protecting minority rights.   
  2. Clear project objectives with concrete outcomes and outputs.  
  3. Clearly justified budget that represents value for money. 
  4. Clearly identified target beneficiaries and a plan to reach those beneficiaries and advocacy targets effectively. 
  5. Projects that address gender issues, pay attention to multiple forms of discrimination, and include vulnerable groups in project implementation and/or organisational structure.  
  6. Projects that encourage effective collaboration with other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).   

 Anticipated Timeline:  

17 May 2023: Call for Applications released 

26 May 2023: Online Q&A Session with CSOs (26 May 2023 at 2.30 p.m. BKK time) Click here to join  

18 June 2023: Application deadline  

23 June 2023: Successful applicants notified   

1 July 2023: Start of Activities 


Minority Rights Group (MRG) is an international non-governmental organization working to secure rights for ethnic, religious, and linguistic minorities worldwide and to promote co-operation between communities. The grants are financed by ‘Inclusive Peacebuilding for Thailand’s Southern Border Provinces,’ a three-year programme funded by the European Union

Submission Process: 

Please fill out the form below by 18 June 2023. 

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