Where hatred and intolerance can lead: letters from the Holocaust

Madeline Vadkerty is a Samuel P. Mandell Fellow in the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Program at Gratz College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, where she is pursuing her PhD. She lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia. Vadkerty’s research has led her to the Slovak...

Indigenous women in the pandemic: Lessons of repression and resistance

On the occasion of the 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), which will review the impact of COVID-19 on indigenous peoples and discuss indigenous peoples’ initiatives to combat and recover from the pandemic, and following the launch of MRG’s Minority and...

تندد مجموعة حقوق الأقليات الدولية بهجوم الشرطة والاتهامات الكاذبة ضد مستشارتها أروى بركات

Click here to read this statement in English Cliquez ici pour lire ce communiqué en français تدين مجموعة حقوق الأقليات الدولية اعتداء أعوان الشرطة على أروى بركات في تونس العاصمة ليلة 17 سبتمبر 2021.تعبر المجموعة عن تضامنها التام مع أروى مسؤولة الاتصال عن تونس لديها،...

MRG dénonce l’attaque et les fausses accusations de la police à l’égard de sa consultante Arroi Baraket

اضغط هنا لقراءة هذا البيان الصّحفي بالعربيّة Click here to read this statement in English   Minority Rights Group (MRG) condamne l’attaque d’Arroi Baraket par des agents de police de Tunis dans la nuit du 17septembre 2021. MRG est fermement solidaire d’Arroi, qui...

MRG denounces police attack and false charges against consultant Arroi Baraket

اضغط هنا لقراءة هذا البيان الصّحفي بالعربيّة Cliquez ici pour lire ce communiqué en français Minority Rights Group (MRG) condemns the attack by police officers on Arroi Baraket in Tunis on the night of 17 September 2021. MRG stands firmly in solidarity with Arroi,...

Indigenous paralegals and the fight for climate justice

By Eunice Nsikak Olembo, Africa Legal Officer at Minority Rights Group For indigenous communities, climate justice is not simply about access to land. It is about the recognition of the ties between peoples, their land and their ancestral way of life. Land,...

EVENT: The protection of human rights of ethnic minorities and Conflict Prevention using Early Warning Mechanism

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) has over 50 years’ experience of working to secure the rights for ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples around the world. Minority Rights Group International is working to promote and protect...

Criminalisation of Patrick Zaki contradicts presidential message at the launch of Egypt’s National Strategy of Human Rights

Minority Rights Group (MRG) is deeply concerned with the referral of researcher and human rights advocate Patrick George Zaki to trial. Zaki’s trial commenced on 14 September 2021 in the State Security Misdemeanours Court but was adjourned to 28 September.  His...

Pithy answers for a complicated world: why the 30×30 ‘solution’ will hurt the environment and violate indigenous rights

By Joshua Castellino, Executive Director at MRG At the Marseille Conference of the IUCN Congress last week, discussion once again centred on the so-called 30×30 plan as a key ‘solution’ to combat climate change. The IUCN has been documenting the extent to which...

WEBINAR: #Incite! Identifying and challenging online hate speech

Around the world hate speech, especially online hate speech, is on the rise. But it’s most dangerous in places riven by political insecurity and violence where religious minorities already suffer from discrimination. Social media storms can be whipped up and quickly...

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The world’s most marginalised communities have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more about what we’ve been doing to support them.

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