EVENT – Inclusive, economic, social, cultural health and education policies for indigenous and minority peoples in Africa

A diverse range of ethnic, religious, and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples exist across the world and Africa is host to significant and diverse numbers, but what they all have in common is that they often face discrimination, marginalisation, and...

La brutalité policière post 25/07 : l’impunité encore et toujours ?

انقر هنا لقراءة هذا البيان باللغة العربية. Cette déclaration conjointe a été cosignée par 40 organisations de la société civile, dont MRG. La nuit du 21 octobre 2021, en plein centre-ville de Tunis, Badr Baabou, défenseur des droits humains et président de Damj,...

العنف البوليسي ما بعد 25 جويلية 2021 : مازال الإفلات من العقاب قائما

Cliquez ici pour lire cette déclaration en français. في ليلة 21 أكتوبر 2021، في قلب وسط العاصمة تونس، إعتدى عونان من قوات الأمن بشدة على بدر بعبو، وهو مدافع على حقوق الإنسان ورئيس دمج، الجمعية التونسية للعدالة والمساواة. في طريق العودة إلى منزله، وجد بدر نفسه ضحية...

Heath and education: Indigenous communities want action from the Government of Uganda ahead of upcoming UN review

Indigenous and ethnic minorities in Uganda are urging the government to back promises of improving healthcare and education access in their communities with actions ahead of the country’s upcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in January. UPR is a peer review...

Roma in Croatia and Bulgaria face discrimination with little recourse to legal remedies – new report

Roma communities in Croatia and Bulgaria continue to experience persistent discrimination despite various governmental strategies to ensure their social integration, a Minority Rights Group Europe (MRGE) report reveals. The research exposes that segregation in...

MRG condemns widespread attacks against Hindu minority in Bangladesh

Minority Rights Group (MRG) strongly condemns the widespread attacks against Hindus in Bangladesh over the past week. Violent attacks began sweeping Bangladesh as its Hindu minority community was celebrating its biggest annual festival, the Durga Puja, starting on 13...

Looking back on the past 4 years working with minorities and indigenous peoples

By Cécile Clerc, Director of Development & Partnerships at Minority Rights Group  In my fundraising role, believe me or not… I am not always raising money. I mean, I spend most of my time raising funding for all our much needed projects around the world, but I...

World Food Day: How much do you know about the food habits of minorities and indigenous peoples?

16 October is World Food Day – Test yourself on your knowledge of foods from minorities and indigenous cultures! Find out how much you know about food from across the world and get some inspiration for your next culinary adventure on the way. Don’t worry – there will...

By turning down bill against forced conversion, Pakistan fails to address human rights violations

Minority Rights Group International condemns the recent decision of the Pakistani Parliamentary Committee to set aside a draft Bill aiming to address forced conversion in Pakistan. MRG works closely with members of many minority religious communities and sects in...

EVENT: On the edge of society – Discrimination against Roma in Croatia and Bulgaria (BLG/ENG)

Do Roma face cases of discrimination? Why aren’t people from the community willing to report these cases? What is the situation of discrimination against Roma in Bulgaria and Croatia? What obstacles do Roma face in accessing justice? These and other questions...

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Tackling COVID-19 together

The world’s most marginalised communities have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more about what we’ve been doing to support them.

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