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Antonina Ignatane v. Latvia

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Antonina Ignatane v. Latvia


(Communication No. 884/1999), CCPR/C/72/D/884/1999


Article 25, 2 (1) – right to be elected, without any of the distinctions mentioned in article 2; discrimination on the ground of language:

A member of the Russian-speaking minority in Latvia had passed a Latvian language test and was awarded a language certificate stating that she achieved the highest level of proficiency in the language. However, when she stood for local elections, she was struck off the list because of a decision by a different language authority that she did not have the highest level of language proficiency in the Latvian language required by law in order to stand for election.


Violation of Article 25 in conjunction with article 2:  The Human Rights Committee noted that Article 25 guarantees every citizen the right and the opportunity to be elected at genuine periodic elections without any of the distinctions mentioned in Article 2, including language. The Committee concludes that Mrs. Ignatane has suffered specific injury in being prevented from standing for the local elections in the city of Riga in 1997, because of having been struck off the list of candidates on the basis of insufficient proficiency in the official language.

(Paragraphs 7.2, 7.4, 7.5, 8)

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