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F. A. v. Norway

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F. A. v. Norway


(Communication No. 18/2000), UN Doc. CERD/C/58/D/18/2000, Inadmissibility Decision


Article 5 (e) (iii) CERD – equality in the enjoyment of the right to housing:

The author reported that he went to the housing agency “Eiendom Service” and paid a fee, which entitled him to have access to lists of vacant accommodations. In checking the lists he found that about half of the housing advertisements clearly indicated that persons from certain groups were not desired as tenants. Statements like “no foreigners desired”, “whites only”, “only Norwegians with permanent jobs” punctuated the housing lists.


Inadmissible under Rule 91 (f) of the Committee’s rules of procedure, because communication was not submitted within six months after all available domestic remedies have been exhausted

But the Committee urged the State Party in Paragraph 8: “to take effective measures to ensure that housing agencies refrain from engaging in discriminatory practices and do not accept submissions from private landlords which would discriminate on racial grounds. The Committee recalls in this respect its concluding observations on the fifteenth periodic report of Norway, in which it expressed concern that persons seeking to rent or purchase apartments and houses were not adequately protected against racial discrimination on the part of the private sector. In this connection, the Committee recommended that Norway give full effect to its obligations under Article 5 (e) (iii) of the Convention”

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