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Manoussakis and Others v. Greece

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Manoussakis and Others v. Greece

The case involves 4 Greek Jehovah’s Witnesses who live in Crete. They had rented rooms to serve as a temple for worship. Under the Greek Constitution, proselytism is forbidden, as well as setting up churches without written authorisation from the local authority, which they claimed the authorities had made difficult for them. Ultimately the police sealed off their rooms and they applied to Strasbourg under a range of Articles of the ECHR. Only the violation under Article 9 was considered and upheld.

The Court maintained that the applicants had produced extensive case-law which seems to show a clear tendency on the part of the administrative and ecclesiastical authorities to use the provisions in Greek Law to restrict the activities of faiths outside the Orthodox Church.

Application No.18748/91

RJD 1996-IV p. 1376, 23 EHRR 387

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