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Miroslav Lacko v. Slovak Republic

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Miroslav Lacko v. Slovak Republic


(Communication No. 11/1998), UN Doc. CERD/C/59/D/11/1998 (2001),


Article 5 (f); Article 6; Article 14 (7) (a) – Right of access to any place or service intended for use by the general public; States parties shall assure effective remedies; effective remedy:

The complainant Mrioslav Lacko was refused service in a restaurant because he was Roma. Miroslav Lacko and his friends were told to leave by the waitress as the owner of the restaurant had ordered that Roma should not be served.


No violation of Article 5(f), ultimately a sanction was imposed on the perpetrator, which was adequate. Nevertheless, the Committee recommended that the State party complete its legislation in order to guarantee the right of access to public places in conformity with article 5 (f) and to sanction the refusal of access to such places for racially discriminatory reasons. The Committee also recommended that the State Party take necessary measures to ensure that the procedure for the investigation of violations is not unduly prolonged.

(Paragraph 11)

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