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Yong-Joo Kang v. Republic of Korea

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Yong-Joo Kang v. Republic of Korea


(Communication No. 878/1999), CCPR/C/78/D/878/1999


Article 18 (1), 19 (1), 19 (2), 26 – right to manifest one’s religion or beliefs, right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, right to hold opinions without interference, right to freedom of expression, discrimination on the ground of political opinion


Violation of article 18(1) and 19(1) in conjunction with Article 26: the “ideology conversion system” is applied in a discriminatory fashion with a view to altering the political opinion of an inmate. The system restricts freedom of expression and manifestation of belief on the discriminatory basis of political opinion

(Paragraph 7.2)

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