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Z.U.B.S. v. Australia

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Z.U.B.S. v. Australia


(Communication No. 6/1995), UN Doc. CERD/C/55/D/6/1995 (1999),


Article 2 (1) d, Article 5 (e) (i), Article 6 – Prohibit and bring to an end racial discrimination by any persons, group or organization; equality in the enjoyment of the right to work; states parties shall assure effective remedies:

A Pakistani citizen residing in Australia alleged racial discrimination in employment.


Admissible under Article 14 (7) (a), even if there were further remedies that might be exhausted, because the application thereof would be unreasonably prolonged.

No violation of Article 6: According to CERD the case was examined in a thorough and equitable manner; it is for domestic courts to review facts and evidence; there was no obvious defect in the judgement concerned.

(Paragraphs 9.2, 9.3, 10)

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