ALEM – Association for Nurturing and Promoting the Culture, Musical and Spiritual Traditions of Bosniaks | ALEM-Udruga Za Njegovanje I Promicanje Kulture, Glazbene I Duhovne Tradicije Bošnjaka

2023 Ongoing

Political Academy

Youth, Other

Arts & culture, Education, Local advocacy


With the help of the Academy, talented and accomplished Bosniaks students-participants as well as other members of national minorities residing in the Republic of Croatia will be able to further their knowledge of the world and society, advance their intellectual and cultural development, and take on leadership roles in the advancement of society. The Academy works to promote democratic values of pluralism, everyday life together, and dialogue in Croatian society through its activities.
Their knowledge, abilities, and competencies in a variety of subjects will be built and developed because of the Academy’s informal and comprehensive program.
Students’ expertise in a variety of subjects, including political science, history, art, literature, economics, law, psychology, culture, and other relevant sciences and arts, will be greatly enhanced by the Academy’s curriculum.

Project Updates

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MARIO is funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (2021-2027) of the European Union (ref: 101091387).