2023 Ongoing

Human trafficking - How to protect?

Roma, Youth

Awareness & campaigns


The MINORITY SK – The Roma civic association plans to implement a project in Slovakia that will focus on human trafficking. The risk group is mainly young Roma who are looking for a better life abroad. They don’t want to live in generational poverty. They want better housing and a better future for their children. Abroad is their hope for a better future. Young people abroad trust foreign people, they don’t speak foreign languages, and they’ve no information about what can happen to them abroad and who can help them. Things like confiscation of personal documents, restriction of personal freedom, restriction of telephone contact with family, drugs, forced work, unpaid wages, and forced prostitution leave a person with consequences for a lifetime. What’s human trafficking? Why should you be careful abroad? How to protect yourself? Young people don’t know the answers to these questions. Let’s change it and give them tools how to protect.

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