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MRG calls for accountability for human rights violations in Somalia

6 October 2022

This statement was delivered on Wednesday 5 October 2022 by Mohamed Eno to the United Nations Human Rights Council, 51st session, item 10 (interactive dialogue) with the Independent Expert on Somalia.

Mister President, Madame Independent Expert,

Minority rights are a burning issue in Somalia. While state authorities have a primary responsibility to uphold minority rights standards, international organizations working in Somalia and partners of the Government of Somalia have a role too. We, therefore, echo the call of the Independent Expert for a new shift in paradigm and strategic mechanisms in order to hold the authorities accountable so as to ameliorate the situation of minorities in the country. We deplore the Somali authorities’ failure to address the system of allocation of seats using a 4.5 formula, that is an inherently discriminatory and unsound pillar upon which the Somalia administration is built. This policy in Somalia is a serious denial of right to participate in public and political life without discrimination.

At this juncture when the magnitude of the problem of inequality and discrimination and marginalization have gone beyond bearable bounds for minority communities in Somalia, it is important that both the Somali authorities with the active support of all international partners operating in Somalia including UN agencies and development actors coordinate their efforts to promote and fulfil the rights of minorities, make sure that they are not left behind. and can maintain a decent life of equality and harmony. Minority-led organizations should be supported to build capacity and participate in the partnership programmes initiated by both international organizations and Somali authorities.

I thank you.

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Photo: Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room of the Palace of Nations, Geneva (Switzerland), 5 August 2015. Credit: Ludovic Courtès. Published on Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons licence.