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MRG deeply concerned by the situation of ethnic and religious or belief minorities in Afghanistan

27 September 2021

Human Rights Council – 48th Session
Monday 27 September 2021
General Debate – Item 4

Speaker: Ifra Asad

Thank you Chair,

Minority Rights Group is deeply concerned by the situation of ethnic and religious or belief minorities in Afghanistan, following the takeover of Kabul by the Taliban. We are particularly concerned by the situation of Hazara Shi’a, who have faced extremely severe forms of persecution during the previous rule of the Taliban in the country, including mass killings.

The Hazara have a history of persecution in Afghanistan. On 25 September, they are due to commemorate remembrance for atrocities committed against the community over a century ago. On this day, they fear that the historic violent repression that they faced in the past may resume now, with renewed intensity.

While it has become very difficult for local journalists and civil society monitors to document developments in Afghanistan, we continue to receive worrying reports that should serve as early-warning signals. According to media reports, two weeks ago, local Taliban affiliates, have issued an ultimatum to 300 Hazara families of Gizab district of the Daikundi province to leave their homes and their lands.

In addition, Hazara Shi’a also face sectarian-motivated attacks attributed to the Islamic State, leaving them in a situation of great vulnerability.

In light of these concerns, we urge the HRC one more time to create a robust international accountability mechanism to monitor and report on the situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan, including the situation of its ethnic and religious minorities at risk of persecution.

I thank you.

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