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MRG is participating in the European-wide Action Week against Racism

16 March 2011

March 21st was declared the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in 1966 by the United Nations, as a reaction to the murder of 69 anti-apartheid demonstrators in Sharpeville, South-Africa, in 1960. This day puts a spotlight on the persecution, oppression and killing of minorities and indigenous peoples all over the world.

Minority Rights Group International is, therefore, actively engaged in the campaign against racism, along with hundreds of other European organisations, during the Action Week, 14-27 March 2011. Through this year’s activities, we invite you to see your neighbourhood through a different perspective and to explore the diversity of old and new cultures living in your country.

Be part of our walking tour

See for yourself the influence of minorities in Budapest throughout history!

MRG, in cooperation with its branch office in Budapest, Hungary, is organising a series of walking tours to explore different districts of the city from a unique and little-known perspective.

No.1. 19th March: The Castle District, Water Town, Upper Thermal Thermal Springs

Historically, the Castle District had a multicultural population. There were Jews, Hungarians, Germans, Italians, Slovaks and Roma living there. Out of the three cities (Buda, Pest and Old Buda), it was Buda where Jews settled for the first time. At the foot of the hill the Turkish baths still operate, which we can only visit from the outside, but participants will have the opportunity to try for themselves after the tour.

No.2. 20th March: The 8th District

This tour will present a section of the mainly Roma-populated streets and squares, as well as some small synagogues. There are some recently-settled Muslim people living here too, and at the end of the tour we will see the Chinese Market. For this tour, participants will need two transport tickets each (or a period pass).

No.3. 23rd March: Downtown and the Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter does not exclusively belong to Jews today; there is a lively symbiosis of Orthodox Jews and Roma. There is also a Romanian Orthodox Church in the region. Having left this neighbourhood, we shall visit Downtown, where we will see the Serbian and the Greek Churches, as well as the Inner City Parish Church, where the Turks have created a mihrab (a niche to indicate the direction of Mecca).

Produced in cooperation with Minority Rights Group Europe ,
Rockhoppers and the Foundation of Subjective Values 

WHEN: the 19th, 20th and 23rd of March, at 10 a.m.
You can participate in all three or only one, as you choose. The length of each tour is approximately 3-4 hours.
WHERE: You will be informed of the meeting point after declaring interest at this address: [email protected].
Please get in touch soon, as we can only take a certain number and places will fill up quickly!
PRICE: Completely FREE!

Check out our campaign on Budapest’s Metro

Minority Rights Group Europe, the branch office of Minority Rights Group International in Budapest, Hungary, is campaigning on Budapest’s underground to highlight the importance of the Day against Racism. The daily audience of the Metro Gallery is around 1 350 000 people.

See pictures for the exhibition of Comics against Racism

Between the 21st and 28th of March, MRG, in cooperation with its branch office in Budapest, Hungary, is exhibiting the cartoons of an Italian organisation called Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti (Cooperation for the developing countries). The exhibition, Comics against Racism, is taking place at the Europe Point (Millenáris Park, 1024 Budapest, Lövőház u. 35.).