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Opportunity to implement trainings in the Euro-Mediterranean region

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Opportunity to implement trainings in the Euro-Mediterranean region

The Anna Lindh Foundation opened a call for participation in their Capacity Enhancement Programme, ALF Hands-On. The programme is to be implemented by and for Intercultural Dialogue operators from the Euro-Mediterranean region by providing their middle-level staff with free of charge online hands-on trainings.

Application deadline: 13 February 2023


ALF Hands-On aims to identify a roster of expertise from the ALF Networks organisations and beyond that can propose online practical training modules to empower Intercultural Dialogue entities in intercultural dialogue fields through peer-to-peer e-learning interactive methodologies with a Euro-Mediterranean regional scope. In the same way, ALF Hands-On seeks to boost interaction and strengthen ownership among the ALF Network of Civil Society Networks members in a holistic manner.

As a first step, ALF is seeking to identify potential expertise within the 41 ALF Civil Society National Networks and beyond, capable of developing and implementing online training modules on the following main domains:

  • Emerging intercultural challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean region
  • Management of intercultural organisations and projects
  • Strategic planning, governance and leadership for civil society organisations

Application and submission

Concept training proposals in English, Arabic or French must be submitted via the online application form only.

Preview of the application form.

The same organisation can submit up to two training proposals under this call. Trainings can take place between May and July 2023 for the first round of online trainings and between October and December for the second round. Proposals cannot be submitted for activities that are already partly or fully funded by the ALF.


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