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Funding opportunity to support Climate Justice Young Leaders

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Funding opportunity to support Climate Justice Young Leaders

The Youth Climate Justice Fund is seeking applications to support climate justice young leaders with trust-based funding, resources, and youth-to-youth capacity development, enabling them to amplify their voices and to keep their vision and influence alive.

Deadline: 24 September 2023

Grant amount: up to USD 10,000 Implementation period: 12 months


  • Group or collective led by young people aged 35 years and below. In order to be eligible for a YCJF grant, the majority of the leadership must be young people or the individuals with decision making power should be aged 35 years and below.
  • Based in Africa; the Middle East; Asia-Pacific, South Asia; Latin America and the Caribbean; and Central, and Eastern Europe. Those based in North America or Western Europe must be led by young people who are discriminated against and/or marginalised based on class, ethnicity, background, etc.
  • Believe in and exhibit inclusive organizing, collective action and intersectional movement building.
  • Non-partisan, non-violent, and legal movements.

Particularly looking for groups who are:

  • Cultivating diverse leadership rooted in fair and equitable climate action with community power.
  • Raising ambitions and commitments on climate & socio-environmental justice.
  • Holding policymakers accountable to their promises and strengthening community power.

Application and submission

Download the application guide available in 5 languages to aid your grant application: English, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, French. Hindi and Swahili to be added.

Submit an application.

Find more information here.

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