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Funding to support locally-based and refugee-led organisations

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Funding to support locally-based and refugee-led organisations

Ockenden International is an English international development non-governmental organisation that helps displaced persons become self-sufficient, particularly suporting overseas work and long-term responses. The scope include both, internationally recognised refugees and people who have not crossed an international border or those displaced by environmental change and natural disaster. Their resources are channeled in two key ways:


  • The Ockenden International Prizes 

The Prizes are aimed at supporting locally-based and/or refugee-led organisations that work directly with refugees and displaced people to advance self-reliance. Prize-winners can direct the award according to their own priorities rather than Ockenden. The prizes are unrestricted grants and will be awarded on the basis of initiatives that promote self-reliance among refugees and/or displaced people, with measurable evidence of outcomes that have led to real improvement in the lives of refugees or displaced people. Sound financial governance will also be a factor.

Deadline for 2023: 30 November 2022

The four winning organisations will each receive GBP25,000.

Project can be entered either by your organisation or you can nominate a project managed by a non-profit partner or affiliated organisation.

All entries should be made via the online Entry Form.

Find more information for the 2023 Prizes here.

  • The Joyce Pearce Junior Research Fellowship – sponsored in partnership with the University of Oxford’s Refugee Studies Centre and Lady Margaret Hall. The aim is to support research, expand expertise in refugee studies and enhance the international understanding of refugee self-reliance.
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