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Residency programme for Ukrainian Roma artists

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Residency programme for Ukrainian Roma artists

The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) has joined forces with ARCA Youth Agency for the Advocacy of Roma Culture and the Artists at Risk (AR) residency programme to offer an artistic residency for Roma contemporary artists, curators, and other art practitioners from Ukraine.

The applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and the decision about the placement is made based on availability of hosting institutions.

The programme covers the cost of relocation, accommodation and a monthly allowance. The allowance rates are established by the programme depending on the cost of living at the location of the hosting institution. The programme is envisioned to accommodate up to ten applicants for a period of minimum three months.

ROMA Artists and Cultural Workers who are from or have permanent residency in Ukraine are eligible for

  • a 3-month AR-Emergency Residency Grant
  • hosting at an artist-in-residency within the Artists at Risk (AR)-Network

Application and submission

Complete and submit your application through this form

Mention that you are responding to the call for Roma artists from Ukraine. The form requires that you fill in all mandatory fields (starred) and upload the required documents.

Applications can be submitted in all major languages, although English is highly recommended to avoid delays and extra costs for translation.

Please note that this form requires log in with a Google-Email account. This is necessary because the form uploads attachments to Google Drive and you can modify your response afterwards.


Find more information and contact details here.

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