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Opportunity to become a member of Start Network

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Opportunity to become a member of Start Network

Start Network is a membership-founded and membership-owned organisation made up of local, national, and international NGOs, which have come together under a common belief: that the changes we want to see in the humanitarian system cannot be achieved by any single organisation acting alone.


Why become a Start Network member?

  • access to fast and flexible funding, including rapid response funding and risk-based/anticipatory funding
  • belonging to a global humanitarian peer group, with opportunities to collaborate and build partnerships with a diverse community of organisations
  • advocacy and participation in global conversations: the opportunity to influence new approaches to humanitarian aid and improve their voice and visibility on global platforms
  • participation in locally created innovations that create local solutions to local humanitarian problems
  • training/organisational strengthening: opportunities for learning that help to improve ways of working.

How to become a member?

The new strategy for membership is for Start Network to evolve from a centralised membership organisation to a network of national and regional hubs. Each hub will manage its own membership, which will be made up of local, national, and international NGOs operating in the same country or region.

Currently, new members are taken in only from specific countries where there are existing or prospective hubs. The application process will vary for each hub but as a starting point, interested organisations can send an expression of interest to join a current or prospective hub by filling in the form on this page.

Existing or prospecting hubs:


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