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Bridging Diversity: Interfaith Dialogue and Cultural Commonality | Įvairovės tiltas: tarpreliginis dialogas ir kultūrinis bendrumas

Project details

This project aims to reduce Muslim exclusion and sometimes experienced lack of tolerance towards the community members in Lithuania by raising awareness about the faith and lifestyle of Muslim communities in the country and educating Muslims about their minority rights to practice their faith and culture in Lithuania. Further, the project endeavours to strengthen capacity and enable Muslim women to participate more actively in community life.

During this project, several activities will be organized. Public seminars will encourage interfaith and intercultural dialogue among Muslim and non-Muslim communities. Additionally, a training cycle will be held for Muslim children to educate them about their rights and duties, as well as the basics of their faith, the Arabic language and the history and role of Islam in Lithuania. In addition, training will be organized for Muslim women to strengthen their skills in various areas and foster their confidence to involve them in the organization and facilitation of the community’s activities and encourage them to create initiatives for their well-being.

Grant amount: €15,000

About the organization

Education and Heritage, established on 4 April 2014, is a non-governmental organization committed to serving society’s diverse needs and advancing the public interest. Its multifaceted activities encompass educational programmes, cultural initiatives, scientific endeavours, social assistance projects, and healthcare initiatives. The organization offers minority language training for individuals who wish to acquire or improve their knowledge and understanding of various minority languages. In addition to the educational efforts, the organization offers translation services from various foreign languages into Lithuanian, facilitating cross-cultural communication and understanding.

It actively engages in charitable campaigns to support women and children who are more disadvantaged in society in collaboration with Lithuanian NGOs. Furthermore, the organization is involved in public health promotion, active recreation and leisure optimization initiatives. It fosters partnerships with Lithuania, the European Union and international organizations to collaborate on educational, cultural and scientific projects. To further its mission, Education and Heritage organizes events, including conferences, seminars, festivals and cultural activities, providing platforms for dialogue, learning and enrichment within their community and beyond.

‘We strive to foster understanding and appreciation for individuals practising minority religions in Lithuania, elucidating their way of life and experiences in society. Our mission is to dispel frightening images often perpetuated by the media or online discourse, particularly regarding minority faiths. Our organization aims to gain international experience through various MARIO projects. We see these projects as opportunities to communicate, collaborate and learn from international partners and experts, expanding our knowledge of different cultures and practices. Additionally, we seek to generate new ideas related to minorities and integration. Participating in the MARIO project can positively impact minorities and our community by contributing to their integration, well-being and civil society development. Through these projects, we also hope to connect with organizations and specialists working in this field, which can strengthen partnerships, expand networks and lead to future collaborations. Overall, engaging with the MARIO project can offer a platform for amplifying the voices of minority communities, promoting equality, and advancing human rights across Europe.’

The project team

Teaching minority language (Arabic) for kids and adults (2023). Credit: Švietimas ir Paveldas.

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MARIO is funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (2021-27) of the European Union (ref: 101091387).