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Danseurs Citoyens Sud

Project details

  • Organization name: Danseurs Citoyens Sud
  • Location: Tunisia
  • Website

This project addresses racism that people of colour face in Tunis, especially black women in the region, who face discrimination based on gender and colour.

The project aims to bring a shift in the perception of black women in Tunisian society and aspires to liberation from traditional norms and cultural barriers that have historically confined black women to secondary roles. This occurs through various means, first through a performance integrating four artistic disciplines – dance, light, sound and video art. However, the scope of ‘Noon Spaces’ extends beyond artistic expressions and performances, as it delves into the heart of the social empowerment of black women, conducting in-depth and participatory research on and documenting racial discrimination and violence against black women in southern Tunisia, challenging societal norms and calling for the recognition of black women’s rights.

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