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‘Inequality does not solve itself’ – Improving the position of Roma women in society and the labour market | ‘Nelygybė Savaime Nesisprendžia’ – Romių moterų padėties visuomenėje ir darbo rinkoje gerinimas

Project details

  • Organization name: Baltijos Regiono Romių Asociacija | Baltic Region Roma Women Association
  • Location: Lithuania
  • Facebook

Among minorities in Lithuania, Roma women are one of the most vulnerable groups. Traditionally, Roma women marry early, drop out of school, raise children and are entirely dependent on men. They have limited access to employment, education or social life and often face discrimination in the Lithuanian job market both based on their ethnicity and their gender. Additionally, about one-third of Roma women in Lithuania are single mothers with children under the age of 18, which also puts Roma women in the most vulnerable group due to poverty and lack of opportunities.

This project aims to raise the skills and competencies of Roma women through a training cycle and individual consultations in three cities in Lithuania to know their rights facing discrimination, to understand EU values, prepare them for the labour market, to be vocal, assertive and advocate for their rights. It also aims to foster dialogue and collaboration among employers, NGOs, CSOs and policymakers in Lithuania, bringing them to round table discussions to look for solutions to eliminate discrimination faced by Roma women and increase their employability. As a result of these discussions, at least two cooperation agreements will be signed with local employers’ associations to improve the situation of Roma in the labour market.

Grant amount: €15,000

About the organization

Baltic Region Roma Women Association was established in December 2017. The initiative to establish an organization focusing on Roma women was born during training for Roma youth organized by the Council of Europe and the Roma Community of Lithuania in November 2017. During the training, it became clear that women are the most vulnerable and insecure part of the Roma community. Even children have more social protection, let alone men. Therefore, the organization’s main objective is to promote Roma women’s involvement in social activities, help them integrate into society, become a more active part of it and help solve their problems.

‘We are very happy to participate in the MARIO project. We hope to meet like-minded people, gain knowledge and improve the situation of the Lithuanian Roma through the project activities.’

The project team

Credit: Baltijos Regiono Romių Asociacija.

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